Zhenya Stoyanova is a Bulgarian born artist, model and illustrator based in London. 

At the core of Zhenya's art practice stands the desire to uncover new horizons related to the transient nature of the human condition and explore our very saturated internal landscapes. Her art probes deep into the subconscious mind where vulnerability, identity chaos, sexual dominance and submissiveness, lustful urges represent central subjects. She is interested in depicting a poetical yet dystopian world of artificial values and broken social norms lacking real human interaction.

Zhenya's art practice consists of experimentation with an array of different techniques, however the subtlety and expressiveness of her line works communicate the best the fluidity and organic character of the story she intends to convey. Alongside her conceptual work she does portrait commissions and speed event portraiture working with numerous global brands. 

Zhenya is currently studying Fine Art at Goldsmiths University of London.

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